That was quick

I’m not sure where the weekend went … we did watch a lot of sports – hockey and football … and I did get my walks in. Both days were bright and sunny which is not always the case here in the south.

I finished the scarf I was working on and started a blanket but I might have to pull it all out … it’s growing wider. I did a little research to make sure I was supposed to be putting a stitch in the turning chain … and I am … and I counted stitches and I hadn’t added any so it’s a tension issue. I must have loosened up a lot on my stitches. I decided to see if going down a hook size would draw it back in before I decide whether to pull it out and start over … we’ll see if it works.

Sunday night after Keith went to bed I came downstairs and got a backing and batting pieced for the next quilt to go on the longarm. I also got the binding on the doll quilt and hand stitched it down. Unfortunately, I’m back in a stay up all night cycle so now it’s 5 am Monday morning and I’m going to head to bed. I have errands to run this afternoon but I’m hoping to get at least 5 hours of sleep.


  1. Sleep well. The games were amazing. Hope you watched the KC vs Buffalo game. I did a puzzle and watched football with nothing worthwhile other than our Sunday worship drive where we saw 3 sub adult bald eagles chasing one piece of fish that one of the three had.

  2. I have a friend who stays up all night and her health has suffered because she never gets enough sleep. Since I had Covid & pneumonia last year I am very tired and sleep way too much. I hope your normal cycle returns soon and good luck with your blanket.

  3. Hopefully your normal sleep cycle will return. I’m a night owl by nature, so I have really been trying NOT to read all night. Way too easy for me to do. I have no idea how I could have a daughter who gets up at 4:00 am most days to go to the gym before work. LOL

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