The weekend

Saturday was quiet and I got a good bit of knitting in finishing up scarf #3 except for weaving the 2 ends in. I’ll get that done and I’m debating whether I’m going to knit or crochet the next project.

Sunday afternoon the kids came to visit and we took a family walk at the Meadows and then Pop fixed tacos for dinner. Rae says Pop fixes the BEST tacos!

I’ve decided tomorrow I’ll do a little clean up – clearing out a couple bins that I use to dump leftover fabric and backing scraps from the projects I’m working on. Both bins are overflowing. Stephanie pulled Fat Quarters out of the hat for February and I’ve been looking through my options and am looking forward to starting something new in a couple days!


  1. Happy family time. When I was in high school in Texas my dad used to get up after my friends and I had been out to make tacos for us and we thought he made the best tacos. I think it had to do with the love and I bet Keith adds lots of love.

  2. What lovely family photos from your walk!! the girls are getting so big!! Enjoy your scrap clean up…i always feel very virtuous when I’ve bagged mine by color;))) hugs, Julierose

  3. Getting to see the kids more often has to be one of the best things about moving to GA. Good luck with cleaning out those overflowing bins today. I need to do the same.

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