Old quilts

Don’t you love it when your quilts shows up in a photo?! Chris sent me this one of Rae tonight using one of his quilts that I made in 2001. I don’t remember the name of the pattern but it was in one of my first scrap quilt books. It was so early in my quilting career that I didn’t have scraps and went to Joann’s and bought the smallest piece that they’d cut from the bolts of many different blues.

I started another fat quarter quilt today but didn’t get much beyond planning and some cutting. This will be a blue and brown version of my 16 Patch and Pinwheel quilt. It will be scrappier than the drawing of course!


  1. I love the quilt with the stars! I think Missouri Quilt Co. has a pattern similar to it. And I can’t wait to see the new quilt you are working on. Another beautiful one I am sure.

  2. I remember doing something similar “back in the day” for making a “scrappy” quilt. What an unexpected surprise for you, Mary, to see Rae using that old quilt! Looking forward to seeing your new blue and brown quilt come together.

  3. I do always love seeing my quilts being used and enjoyed. The new scrappy blue and brown one should be fun.

  4. Aww! What a neat quilt and fun memory to pop up in that picture. Seeing quilts in use is one of my favorite things too. Can’t wait to see your new quilt.

  5. The blue and white star quilt is called ‘Starry Night’, page 74-79, in ‘Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts’ complied and edited by Patricia Wilens for Oxmoor House, 1995. [Oxmoor was/is? a division of Leisure Arts, Inc.]. Weird, I was looking thru this book last night, looking for a different star pattern, ‘Charm Stars’.

  6. Rae looks so happy. I’m going to have to make this quilt. It has squares, stars, and its blue: my favorite combination.

  7. I like the quilts. Is there some instructions for cutting the 16 patch and pinwheel quilt. I think this could be a great scrap quilt.

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