Yarn baskets

It’s a thing … my sister asked me a question which led me down a rabbit hole searching for yarn baskets. You have your clothesline yarn wrapped baskets and your crochet baskets. I can see myself making one of these!

Other than doing Google searches for my sister I had a pretty lazy day. First up was the new furniture delivery. I didn’t like it at all on arrival but it’s growing on me in just a few hours. We need a new rug … something with some color.

And I did a hike and cooked dinner, other than that it’s been reading and relaxing.


  1. I have made the clothesline basket out of fabric scraps. It’s tricky getting the basket curved upward. My basket ended up being very large, more like a fruit basket. My friend gave me a very detailed basket she made but she was a art teacher for 35 years.

  2. I have been wanting to make a clothesline basket for a while. Hopefully one of these days. Your new furniture sure looks comfy. I do think a rug with color helps no matter what the color of the couch.

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