It’s funny, Judy has been talking about her new dog Oscar and how she’s hoping he’ll learn to settle down and sit with her while she stitches. It made me think of Finn. I don’t let him wander around the sewing room (he’ll eat any little scrap or thread on the floor) but he’ll sit with me for hours while I knit or crochet and has since he was a little puppy. I need to be thankful for that! He is such a sweetie pie!!! I love him so much.


  1. I think of all the wonderful things Big Canoe has offered him and the fact that he can sit on a chair patiently waiting as you quilt. Life is good for both of you.

  2. He is such a good boy. I am sure he brings you a lot of unconditional love, most dogs do. My Karlin just lays on the bed in the sewing room in his space the rest of the bed is covered in fabric.

  3. My apartment complex doesn’t allow pets, so I enjoy reading about Finn and see photos of him. Thanks for sharing Finn and Chesty with your readers.

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