Precut/Block of the month

Do you follow along when I’m sewing our precut/block of the month with HeartStrings? Stephanie pulled April’s target out of the hat but of course, I won’t get to it until May since I will be doing absolutely NO sewing or quilting the month of April – maybe only the 2nd time this has happened since I started quilting in the fall of 2000!

It is “Orphans, Strays and Leftovers”.

Some people are very good and use up their leftovers and strip set ends straight away in a dolly quilt, a few place mats, or maybe pieced into the backing. Some of us stash them in containers for later. Some of us have swap blocks, or gifted ones.

April is our month to dig some of them out and make something, even just a potholder.

I think Stephanie is referring to me when she’s talking about leftovers being used in a doll quilt but sometimes I make a leftover quilt … like the red and black squares quilt I finished yesterday.

This time, I think I will end up piecing or quilting a doll quilt when I get home in May. Yes, I’ll be a little late but that’s OK… or maybe I’m just a little early with yesterday’s finish?! We have very few hard and fast rules with our challenges so I could go either way with April!

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  1. Orphans, strays and leftovers – I think that describes my whole sewing room! LOL Will you go through sewing withdrawal on your stay in Maine?

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