You know how one thing leads to another?! I saw on Facebook where my sister and brother were off on a quick vacation … and realized I’d just seen a cousin post that they were at the same place with my uncle. I don’t know if they’ve already missed each other or not but I wrote them both to let them know. And that got me thinking… there’s a lot I don’t like about Facebook but I LOVE how easy it is to keep up with family. I have a VERY large extended family and while I keep in close touch with most of my immediate family, I’m grateful that Facebook allows me to keep in touch with some of the extended family which includes nieces and nephews and cousins.

And I just had to go to my Ancestry app and count how many cousins I have … do you know offhand? I counted 29! I’m not in contact with them all but I’d be in contact with a lot fewer of them without Facebook.

Mom is from the Edenton area in North Carolina, Dad is from Philadelphia… we grew up in Virginia … and I’ve moved from Virginia to Florida, to Georgia, to Minnesota, to Florida, to Georgia … so for many many, years there’s been no family nearby (I’m not counting the boys). It’s nice to still be able to connect.

Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching us the importance of family!


  1. I only have 4 first cousins. Dad was an only, and my mother’s sister didn’t have kids, but my uncle and his wife adopted 4 babies (one at a time!). All 4 are younger than I am, and I’m #4 of 5, so we weren’t close.

  2. My Mum had 11 brothers & sisters and I have at least 30 cousins. I have 4 brothers and sisters from my Mums side & 3 Brothers from my Dad’s side. I only 1 child who also only has 1 child – how times have changed haha 🙂

  3. I’m with you about Facebook – thankful for being able to stay in touch with extended family and friends. I’m the oldest cousin of 16 on my mom’s side, and in the middle of 16 on dad’s. And all of those cousins are scattered. Most of dad’s side is in Kansas or Oklahoma, and I’m looking forward to a family reunion in August.

  4. Family is important and it surprises me when people have no family contact. My brother who I had been estranged from over my mother’s estate has been contacting me. I was surprised because even when my sister was ill he wouldn’t respond to me.

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