Keith and I were just talking today about our photo memories and how great the technology is that creates the memory videos from our MANY digital photos and how we need to sort through the earlier ones that aren’t digital … and then tonight I was looking for a photo and came across this one of Caleb and Keith. I LOVE that little boy so much and he’s growing up fast. He will be 12 next month.


  1. I have been thinking about photo organization too. And going through some of my mom’s and my old albums. I miss getting prints of photos and having new albums to look at. I should have some of the little books printed. Mason will be 11 in June. Our grandkids are growing up too quickly!

  2. That is so cute!! They do grow up so fast!! I have been thinking about all the photos I have that are not in digital form. I would love to make some books but I’m not sure how to get the hundreds of photos I have onto my computer. Once photos get so disorganized it is a huge job to get them organized.

  3. It is for sure, the BEST benefit of FB. I come from a HUGE family having more than 300 1st and 2nd cousins. (Dad’s Dad is one of 17 children). All of grandparents were born near the turn toward the 20th century so families were all huge. And most have a “late in life child” like me. It’s been fun to connect with some of those cousins via FB as I’ll never know them otherwise-we immigrated to the US in 1961.

    Good for you for the connecting them!

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