Finn again

Are you tired of Finn photos?! My knitting and crochet are slower than my quilting so I don’t have photos to show every day or so but I am making progress on the pink scarf and the linen stitch blanket.

So how about another photo of Finn from our walk today when we got home?!

Keith’s isolation ended today and we took a drive up to Brunswick Maine (masks on and windows open). He wanted to check out a competitor’s manufacturing location and we had lunch outside. It was little cool and windy but we have another 5 days of mask wearing in indoor areas…. 5 days assuming I stay negative – yep, my first test today was negative and I’ll test again tomorrow per the guidelines.

My first lobster roll in 5 days and it was yummy!


  1. Oh my a lobster roll! it has been 3 years this June since we have had a Lobster roll from Alma, on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada. I never get tired of pictures of Finn. I have had doggies for a long time.

  2. Glad you are still vivid free. Finn’s a cutie and takes great photos. From them, it looks like he loves it up north.

  3. I love pictures of Finn, but really love a good Lobster roll and that looks like a good one. Living in
    Connecticut getting a good Lobster roll shouldn’t be hard but here the hot Lobster roll is popular and I perfer the cold one like you were having. Not all places serve a cold Lobster roll here.

  4. I always like to see Finn photo’s – he’s such a cutie. I’ve never tried Lobster before and when I see photo’s of them on a plate It puts me off, seeing all those legs and body etc haha, but seeing it with your bread roll it looks more appetising 🙂

  5. Oooh, “lobstah” roll is my favorite!! We used to travel to Cliff Island off the coast of Maine (So. Portland ferry) where my uncle was a lobsterman…we had so many great lobster roasts on the beach….fun times on the Island…
    Nice memories…hugs, Julierose P.S. Finn always makes me smile–he is so perky;)))

  6. Love pictures of Finn! I’m glad you are both doing well so far. Jealous of the lobster roll. 😄

  7. I never get tired of Finn pictures. Many years ago a friend and I took a trip to Maine. We went to Portland Headlight and ate lobster near the water some place. I was surprised that even McDonald’s had lobster rolls.

  8. First off that lobster roll and fries look amazing!!! Never get tired of Finn pictures, especially with such a beautiful background. Soooo pretty!!! Keep staying negative!!!

  9. I will never get tired of Finn pictures.. love that guy. I bet it felt good to get out and about today. Fingers crossed for continued negative tests. 🥰

  10. Glad you have passed some of the markers…hope the rest past quickly. Percy needs to go on more day trips with us, we do little exploring but I think this is the year.

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