I have progress to report

The Linen Stitch blanket is done!

I wove the ends in on the red scarf …

And I wove the ends in on the Blanket Stitch Afghan.

The pink knit scarf is still in progress and I’m debating whether to start another blanket … I’ve got one more week here so I’m leaning in favor of starting just one more.

Keith is doing fairly well … he still has a fair amount of congestion and pretty significant fatigue but definitely on the mend. We got out for a walk this afternoon. Just 30 minutes and a mile and a half but more than enough for him right now.


  1. I know that I don’t have to remind you to not let him overdo he is still recovering. I hope he does better each day.

  2. Take your time Keith. This virus can really wallop a person, and return to your norm doesn’t come in a hurry. It’s four weeks now for me and today is the first day I had any amount of energy, but it is coming.

  3. I am in agreement with Lynn. It really does take some time to regain your strength back. Resting on his walk. Great idea. Do what your body suggests.
    Beautiful blankets. You may as well start another one!

  4. I’m much older but I felt really fatigued for a long time after Covid. Your finished items are just beautiful.

  5. Bless your hearts. Wish his fatigue would get better sooner. Glad you are where you are. Take care. Carolyn

  6. So happy Keith is doing better and is able to get out and enjoy Maine a bit. Your yarn crafts are beautiful! I especially like the linen stitch one. Beautiful colors and love that stitch!

  7. I’m sorry Keith is still struggling but glad he can move about a bit.

    I just found out I was exposed Friday while on vacation and by people I didn’t want to attend the event “that was in my honor” 🙁 grrrrrr…..5d isolation was not on my plan for the week but I will since I care about public health.

  8. Your finished projects are beautiful. I received my second booster yesterday after reading about your experiences with Covid. I had been on the fence about getting it, but sadly the numbers are starting to go up in our state.

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