Gift exchange

We had our family exchange tonight … I was hoping to give Mom hers in person but since we had to cancel her trip, she saw it on ZOOM like everyone else. We are going to stop by briefly for an outside visit (with masks) on our way home so I can give them to her along with the last 3 quilts I quilted for her.

I made her a tote bag – my first ever! I discovered the quilt as you go totes from June Taylor ( you’ll be seeing more of these because I bought several of them). The other gift was a photo book with pictures from our visits to her sister Dot. My Aunt passed away in February so I searched for all my digital photos from our trips and compiled them in this book from ChatBooks.

Earlier today we got out for a walk and turned it into a picnic! There’s a nearby Subway and we’d been passing this picnic area on our walks so we decided to take advance of it – it has such a pretty view of the water!

After we got home, I did start another blanket – a pink shell stitch one.

And Finn got a bath and blow dry too! Keith’s in charge of bathing and I blow dry and brush him. Unlike Chesty who hated baths, Finn doesn’t seem to mind the bathing part but he’s not a fan of being blow dried!


  1. I have made several tote bags. They are fun to make and the pattern I use can be adapted to any size. I just made a small one for my almost 3 yr old granddaughter. I machine embroidered a cute design on the front with her name. It turned out very cute and was her Easter gift so of course I had to fill it up with fun play things, no candy. Our dog hates baths and I end up just about as wet as she is. I also blow her dry and do grooming when she needs it. She is getting used to that process although does not enjoy it. I’m sure your mother was thrilled with her gifts. Cute tote bag and love those books!!

  2. Love your tote bag style. I’ve made lots to sell for charity. That photo book was a great idea – some sweet memories to treasure 🙂

  3. I love making tote bags and purses, I could make purses all day long, I have about 10 patterns and each has several patterns/variations. Your tote is really pretty and I’m sure your mom will love it. Glad Keith is feeling better.

  4. So glad you’ll get a quick visit with Mom and that Keith is getting better! Have a safe trip home.

  5. The book will really be a treasure for your mom to enjoy. Very cute tote bag! I’m glad you can plan an outdoor visit on your way home. That is certainly better than no visit at all.

  6. Great job on gifts for your mom. Totes are always usable. I made a lot when I first retired. A year of totes, a year of embroidery and then 3 years of embroidery combined with quilting. I have made a lot fewer of all those things as I went more to creating quilts.

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