Still negative

After two negative home tests last week, I tested at the Urgent Care Center today and am still negative. There’s a slight chance I could still get sick but it’s unlikely at this point. Because we’re seeing Mom ( with precautions) on our way home, I’ll do one more at home test before we leave.


  1. Glad all is going well. Thanks for the picture of the shoreline. Take care of yourselves. Carolyn

  2. So glad you’re still negative, Mary, and you’ll get to see your mum. Your time away seems to have gone really quickly!

  3. I think if I counted correctly the odds of your showing positive at this point are very slim. If it were me I would follow your current plan. Hope the outdoor visit is great.

  4. It’s wonderful that you have not gotten Covid. I hope Keith is feeling better now. My husband and I continue to wear masks, often the only one in a store. For many years, I would pick up small viruses when I went shopping, my immune system hasn’t been great. So now I wear a mask and no more bugs. A few weeks ago, I forgot and didn’t wear one and that night got a 12 hour bug. Just stay safe and be careful. Can’t believe that you are leaving Maine already, where did that month go?

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