Just because

I dropped Keith off at the airport (yes, he’s been cleared to travel) and told him I was going to go Marden’s on the way back to the cottage. I said I didn’t need any fabric but I deserved it after the stress of the last couple weeks!

I just had to text him a picture of the sign at the cutting counter. Luckily he NEVER questions the amount of fabric or yarn I have. I think he’s just thankful that it all keeps me occupied and out of trouble!

I might have found some fabric that I “needed”! A few focus prints for 3 yard quilts or Quick Strippies and a couple that could either be used for borders or backings.


  1. I love to go to Marden’s Mary. Haven’t been there for more than two years now. Maybe this summer will have some travel in it. Glad you were able to stop there.

  2. I visited Maine back in 2018 and Marden’s was definitely on the agenda! I was, and still am, trying to self-shop, but indulged in some stripe-y fabrics for use as binding. Sweet memories flood in every time I see those fabrics.

  3. I can never pass by a fabric store. And I definitely do not need any more fabric. My new addiction are fat quarters. They often have them on sale and they are great for fill in fabric here and there.

  4. Do so enjoy your honest positive blog. Show us what jumped into your cart at Marden’ s.

  5. You’ve been away from your quilting just long enough that you possibly needed a little fabric therapy to tide you over until you’re home again and can sew.

  6. So glad to hear that Keith is on the mend and you are still testing negative, but yes the waiting and wondering can be stressful. Can’t wait to see what fabrics you found for future quilts. You always seem to find such cute focus fabrics. Sometimes it’s nice to just see the fabric and think about something positive. Enjoy your new fabrics.

  7. Mary, That sign is so funny! I am going to type it up and put it on my sewing room door. I just love it!
    I am really not buying any fabric either unless like you it is for a certain project that needs it.

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