A rainy day

Finn and I got soaked on our late afternoon walk yesterday and since it’s been rainy all day, we haven’t been able to get anything in but quick potty walks.

Not that being stuck inside is a bad thing today … we’ll load as much stuff in the car on Friday evening as we can so we can get on the road early on Saturday and I’ve made a good start sorting and packing today.

And there’s time for crochet too. I should be trying to finish up the knit scarf but for some reason, I seem to want to work on the pink shell blanket.


  1. It looks like I’m making the same pattern but in blue. Yours looks softer though. Enjoy yourself on a rainy day.

  2. A rainy day is just perfect for cuddling up under some soft crocheting or knitting, or a warm quilt to bind. Having a relaxed cat or dog snuggled up too just makes it even better.

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