Suzanne’s Star top is quilted. Pantograph is Happy Times. She sent the binding already made and it’s sewn on and ready for hand stitching along with the other 3 tops quilted this week. Thank goodness Keith is home, I’ll get to work on those tonight.

It’s #6 of 12+ to be quilted by the end of July and I have one more week before I travel. We have company coming tomorrow and staying overnight so I won’t get anymore quilted this week but I’ll work on binding and on Sunday I’ll spend some time getting backings and batting pieced for the tops to be quilted next week… I’ve already pieced a couple battings from the bin of leftovers but it’s still full so I’ll piece a few more.


  1. really cute quilt. I am always inspired when I see what you accomplish. How do you piece your batting? I have lots of smaller pieces, but have not attempted to piece them. Batting got expensive!

  2. What a delightful variation on a string block!! I love it. You’ve really been on a roll with the quilting. I’ve been considering “holding” some of the binding on bigger quilts to do while recuperating from hip replacement. There will definitely days when I just can’t get down the steps to my sewing room. No firm date on that yet however.

  3. I really like Suzanne Star Quilt, do you know what the name of the pattern is. You have been super busy, but you always are and you always get so much accomplished.

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