Vintage quilt

I don’t need any more quilts on my “to make” list but somehow I can’t stop looking. Today I fell in love with this vintage quilt found on eBay.

And then thought what if I made that center a plus? I do love Plus quilts! I had to quickly draw it up in the TouchDraw app on my iPad.

And then I played a little more with the same block, different colors …

I’ve got to head down and start quilting but I’ll save these ideas here to hopefully play with one day!


  1. I love the antique quilt and really like both of your versions. I tgives me some ideas to think about too!

  2. Did yo see the “oopsie” block in the vintage top? Third row from the bottom, center block. Love it!

  3. Hi Mary, can you share the “official” name of the touch draw app you mentioned today? I have an iPad but couldn’t locate it. Love to follow you and wish I had a bit of your energy lol. Sonia

  4. I would also like more info about the app you referred to. I looked for it but couldn’t find it.
    I was surprised to realize the plus block is also the churndash block when you change the position of the colors….wow!
    That antique quilt would have caught my eye too. It’s beautiful!

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