It’s a top

I think I might squeeze in one more of these before we travel next week while I’ve got the flannel scraps out. Squares was inspired by Stephanie from my HeartStrings group.

Keith and I took a drive and went out to lunch before I spent a couple hours downstairs working in the sewing room. There are several mountain towns within an easy drive and Dahlonega is one of our favorites. There’s an antique mall there we like to wander through and I found a cute picture for Adam’s room and Keith even got it hung for me.

He’s not the handiest guy around the house but he can usually manage small tasks … and this time he only put ONE hole in the wall getting this hung. I’m not complaining … he has many other talents that are more important to me!


  1. I never thought of making a flannel quilt top! What a cozy idea. Somewhere I have a stack of flannel squares that came in a box of scraps, I think. Must search them out, it would be a perfect quilt for a winter baby!

    The bear picture is adorable. Perhaps you can find a volunteer artist to add a tiny white dog like your companion animal.


  2. Keith is like my Chris. Chris is really good at things that require brute force.
    I’m just catching up on 3 weeks worth of reading and I’m amazed at all you are getting done with all of the pain that you are in. Kudos to you!

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