Flannel leftovers

I told you my little flannel leftover quilts were inspired by a simple quilt Stephanie posted on our HeartStrings group. With her permission, I’ve posted a couple of her photos and brief quilt notes on my website should you have some of your own leftovers you’d like to use up!

Click here to view the photos and instructions on the website

Stephanie’s Squares


  1. It’s very cute!! We just recently found out that 2 new great grandchildren are on the way. I pulled my flannel scraps out yesterday and I just may be making a couple of quilts using this pattern. Good timing!! Thank you!

  2. I don’t have much flannel myself to make a quilt. Just never use it much. But these turned out really nice and I’m sure a child will love them.

  3. Thank you, Mary and Stephanie, this will be perfect project for our retreat in September. I’m going the day after I get back from our Croatia trip and think I may have a bit of jet lag. I was going to say I can’ mess this up but I’m not tempting fate!! 🙂

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