1. Our church craft group knits hats for the homeless and it’s always fun to try out new patterns. Thanks for sharing the links to the patterns you use!

  2. I saved a few of patterns from Knots Of Love after you mentioned them a while back. Because I’m in the UK I don’t donate any hats but I’ve made a few cash contributions to the site instead, helping towards postage etc. Christine has sent me a couple of letters of thanks, but I requested no more and to save the postage money for other things. It’s a lovely site, well run and so helpful for so many people.
    Hope you are having a relaxing weekend, taking it easy and doing what the doctor ordered 🙂

  3. Thank you for the link to the patterns! Hope you are feeling a little better. My husband just had an ablation on his back. Time will tell if it works. Take care!

  4. I ordered my supplies from knots of love on Thur and I received it today (Saturday) in MD.
    I have wondered for a long time why you were making so many hats. Now that I know I will be joining you. Great cause and very simple hats to make.

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