Hat #1

Knitting as well as everything else around here is going very slowly as I’m unable to stay in one position very long but progress is being made inch by inch! I’ve got 3/4 of the Split 9 Patch blocks done and will make a few more today and the Lazy Traveler Beanie is done.

I’ve also got a binding on and ready to hand stitch down. I’ll start it today but most likely will finish it tomorrow. While it’s frustrating not to be working at my normal pace, I keep reminding myself that at least I’m able to sew and knit some each day and I’m thankful for that.


  1. That really turned out well. I can’t knit but, I appreciate the craft and work that goes into it. I’m glad you aren’t living in Tampa this week!

  2. Good to see you are managing to do some knitting as well as sewing. At least your hands are helping you to get through each day, helping to pass the time during your recovery.
    I’m still knitting hats almost every day and have a big pile ready for this coming winter. I like your new pattern and bought some wool yesterday that will look good with this style – thanks for the pdf link 🙂

  3. Glad you’re able to get some things done, I know how you enjoy it! I’m the same, I can’t work the way I did before, but I’m happy to do what I can. However it will never stop me from wishing I could do more!

  4. Positive attitude- you’ve got this! And you are definitely making progress from the pictures you’ve shown. I love making the 9 patch split- and being the goofball that I am, I printed the hat pattern and then proceeded to make a different one. 🙂 Take care-

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