2022 Summary

I’m pretty happy with these numbers especially with my back/leg issues the last 6 months and I’m hoping 2023 will be just as productive or even more so!

Quilted 57
◦ 4 of mine were gifted
◦ 1 was for me
◦ 1 king size quilt Mom and I pieced together
◦ 4 tops of Mom’s
◦ 27 of mine for donation
◦ 17 HS group tops for donation
◦ 3 doll quilts

8 UFO’s were finished; 7 were not and will carry over into 2023

35 new quilts were started
◦ 28 are finished
◦ 7 are finished tops and will carry over into 2023 as UFOs

Total UFOs going into 2023 = 14 and all but 1 are finished tops.

◦ 19 group quilts that I finished
◦ 27 of my quilts
◦ 8 afghans

60 Knit/Crochet projects
◦ 58 completed
◦ 2 abandoned

Completed Knit/Crochet projects included:
◦ 10 blankets
◦ 35 hats
◦ 12 scarves
◦ 1 bag

I’ve still got completed quilts, blankets, hats, and scarves here to donate in the coming months.


  1. Another busy and productive and good year behind you. On to the next and all 2023 may bring. Happy new year, Mary. 🎊

  2. Another ever so productive year. Your posts give me so many ideas and lots of incentive to get going and make something. Wishing you the best for 2023, and a successful surgery.

  3. Happy New Year Mary. What an achievement and well done. Despite the problems that you have experienced in 2022 you have managed to continue to produce beautiful quilts, hats and blankets. You have motivated me to see what I can achieve in 2023 as I too am a quilter, knitter and do crochet, I also enjoy doing embroidery on my embroidery machine. Wishing you well with your surgery, you are in my prayers.

  4. Happy New Year to all. Mary I am amazed of all that you do. Each time I wonder since you started quilting way back when how many quilts have you made. Do you have a total? Mine is a whoppin 5 lol. Thank you for your wonderful posts I do enjoy them.

  5. A very productive year for you Mary. I have enjoyed your blog and hope 2023 is a better year for us all and your surgery is a great success.

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