1. Colors are amazing but this hat is not a favorite. I love the color and the texture but somehow it looks overly bulky to me. Like all of your hats it will be perfect for someone and maybe I should have slept longer today to get rid of the grumbles.

    Glad you got to see everyone but so very happy you met out so you couldn’t get really comfortable and overdo. The weariness is one of those double edged swords. Hate the feeling, love the warning not to overdo. Here’s hoping your recovery continues so you can have them over soon.

  2. Enjoy seeing all the hats you finish, makes me want to start knitting again. You might have told us this before, but could you remind us, where you send your finished hats.
    Enjoy seeing all the lovely quilts you make.

  3. That yarn is so pretty, and I do like cables etc in the hat. It’s great to see the grands, they perk us up, especially when we are not feeling so great. I think you are doing good though.

  4. That is really pretty! Great texture, and the colors are warm and cozy. Glad you are getting out and about a little. Your stamina will keep improving I’m sure.

  5. I love all the hats you make. This hat looks like it would be very warm and comfortable. The feels like temperature was 9′ at 11:30 this morning and it was windy too. I think about your hats on these days when it’s cold and many of our students show up without hats and gloves and just wearing sweatshirts.

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