I was tempted to start February’s challenge early but decided I’d finish the doll quilt instead. It’s always better if I use these leftover bits right away rather than stuffing them in a bin!

I thought about hand quilting this one but found a piece of leftover Minkee that worked for the backing so I did some simple straight line quilting by machine.

I don’t worry a lot about what size these turn out as long as they can cover or wrap around a doll I’m happy. And in case you’re wondering what inspired me to make these little doll quilts … when Rae was little she would lay out all her dolls and stuffed animals and cover them with her quilts and blankets. I also hate to toss little leftover bits and pieces so that’s another reason I love making them.

As you can see she used to cover the entire doll … she had to be taught before Mo was born that you didn’t cover the baby’s head with the blanket !!

And since I had just a little more time after finishing the binding … I cut out the first quilt for February’s 1 yard Challenge.

I love the Town Square pattern from Fabric Cafe for large focus prints although I don’t do the skinny borders that she does in the pattern.


  1. Today I went to a quilt show and bought Fabric Cafe Fat Quarter Quilting Fun by Fran Morgan, daughter of the maker of 3 yard quilts. They use 12 FQ’s for each quilt. I’m going to start looking through all my FQ’s to see what I have. I love the picture of all the dolls covered up, so sweet. Your little doll quilt turned out great.

  2. I’ve thought about buying the pattern before so I’ll be anxious to see how yours turn out. Cute fabrics!

  3. I love how she used to wrap up those dolls. I hope Mo does the same.
    I love that town square pattern and I often put a border on but larger and I ALWAYS do a double fold binding.

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