Not bad considering my back surgery … or maybe that just gave me extra time to work since I stayed close to home both before and after the surgery.

9 hats knit

A blanket crocheted and a bag sewn

And 6 tops pieced!

Our HeartStrings challenge for February is 1 yard cuts so that means more quick and easy quilts … I’m definitely going to need a quilting marathon in March/April when we get back from Maui and before we head to DC! Until then, the longarm is still off limits as my back isn’t up to that yet!


  1. Oh my word! This is you on restrictive duty! I’m reminding myself this is not a competition, but an inspiration! 🙂 The hats will keep so many warm, and the quilts are lovely. I need to remember to stop cutting my fabric so small ie 2.5 inch strips- those 4 inch strips will be much more efficient! Hope your recovery continues in an upward fashion.

  2. Patience for a little longer Mary, a couple of trips where you will be entertained, and then you will be moving forward . This is a great time to rest and reflect, something that I find so useful.

  3. Your work that you accomplish is beautiful and the amount of it is amazing. I hope you are doing well on your road to full recovery. You continue in my prayers.

  4. I had to read to my husband the amount of work you have done this month with crocheting, knitting, sewing and piecing. It’s just incredible to me! And everything is just beautiful and so well made. I can’t believe you had surgery and still made so much. I’m impressed!

  5. Mary, saving my back was DH’s goal when he added Intelliquilter to my machine. You still have a lot of standing, a little pulling of the machine when you baste down, but not having to move the machine head to match a pattern is awesome. It is expensive, especially as I only do my quilts, charity quilts and a few for friends. I’ve taught the granddaughters to use it as well. I would have sold my longarm years ago without it.

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