Out and about

Today I got out by myself for the first time after my surgery … driving to the post office to mail my exchange gift to my sister and stopping at the meadows for a walk. I’m not going to run any races anytime soon but it feels good to really stretch my legs.

We had plans fall through for the weekend – Adam and the kids were coming to stay a couple nights but Caleb’s coughing and Adam is getting over something and neither Keith or I need to be sick right now so we’ve delayed their visit for now.

The extra time this weekend will enable me to sew together the set of Happy Blocks that I made today.

A few months ago I found the solution to having Finn downstairs in the sewing room with me. He tends to try and eat every scrap he can get to so I can’t let him wander around but he‘s happy to curl up on his bed and nap while I sew. It drives Keith crazy that he’d rather be downstairs with me in the pen than upstairs with him and able to roam around freely.


  1. Hi Mary! LOVE the happy blocks and they are certainly aptly named. This will be a fun finish. Yay to keeping Finn confined yet where he wants to be. Good job on the walking. You’ll be back to your normal soon. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. So sorry that you are missing the visit with Adam, but also happy that you are close enough that rescheduling is easier than before.

    Such a nice pen and very comfy Finn. Sorry Keith, but Finn loves you too even though he needs to be near Mary.

  3. So nice to see the progress you are making after surgery, Mary. Like putting quilts together, the walk probably gave you a sense of doing something normal. Another cute quilt too.

  4. Great solution… that my dog would definitely not stand for. He does NOT like to be penned up and drives us all crazy whining to get out while we eat meals!

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