1. Wow, that’s a lot of deer. We had 5 deer in our back yard the other day. Our granddaughter was thrilled to see them.

  2. So many deer! How wonderful. We had 2 foxes run right past our living room window a couple weeks ago. It was thrilling. I’ve never seen a fox that close up before.

  3. Wow, that definitely is a herd! I love watching wildlife too, we have a flock(?) of wild turkeys that pass through our backyard about twice a week. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I know they have been in my yard, 2 piles of pellets. They found some weeds in the yard and ate them down to the nubbin , must have been tasty and some nutrients the needed in their diet.

  5. Fascinating- I’ve only seen such a grouping in a field and never in motion. Thanks for sharing with us.

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