The Dino Happy Block top has been assembled. This one is so simple and I love how it turned out.

I was waffling a bit over which blue to use and I’m really glad I chose this one. It’s perfect!

You can make these blocks any size you want. With this quilt, I started with a 6.5 inch square of my Dino fabric and framed it with strips cut 2.5 inches. Blocks are set 5 x 6 for a quilt that is 50 x 60 inches.

You can find brief instructions for our HeartStrings Happy Blocks at this link but remember, these blocks are a different size than the ones on the website. Choose whatever size blocks works for you!


  1. I am loving this little quilt & as the grandmother of a 4yo, I can assure you some little boy will, too! The solids are perfect with this charming little print! Love it! Great job!

  2. I love this quilt! It’s just perfect and the blue goes with it great. I’ve made one of these quilts and they are so easy I have no clue why I don’t make more.

  3. I love the blue. I have made many quilts like this. My problem is choosing the framing fabrics but that is one of your many strengths. I saw the town square that you did the other day and I have the pattern from a book but they didn’t sell me color sense. It is a baby quilt and is a little too soothing. I learn from your successes and sometimes I fail. Learning is the key.

  4. Love the way you pulled the deep turquoise and lime green out of the Dino print to border each square. Simple but so effective. A lovely colourful I teres5ing quilt which a little boy will love. Haven’t ever met a little boy who isn’t dinosaur mad at some point. Our sone knew the name of every dinosaur when he was 3/4 years old.

  5. I love the dinosaur fabric, too! I have made several quilts with this fabric for donation to a local hospital’s NICU incubator quilt program.

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