The new blanket

I made some progress on the crochet ripple blanket tonight while I watched the Lightning lose. I should make more progress this week since there are 3 more games. I’m really liking how these colors are working up. It’s a Mandala yarn and the colorway is Dragon.

I’ve finished cutting for the sashed geese quilt and there’s not even a dent in the scraps. Why am I so surprised at how far these scraps go every time I dig into one of these bins? I’ve been searching for another quilt to make while I’ve got this bin out and I think I’ve found something but first I’ll have to finish the current top.


  1. Hey! I have that orange multi-colored polka dot fabric as well! So fun in a kid’s quilt. I had to laugh at the name of the yarn- dragon- but then when I really looked at it, yup, that’s what color I think a dragon is! 🙂
    PS Scraps multiply in the dark, just like dust bunnies :):)

  2. I’m definitely looking forward to this new quilt, you are using fabrics that I just love. Your dragon looks pretty good!

  3. Mary – you have such good discipline. I have some many WIPs. In crochet, knitting and quilting. I have to sit still. But when I finish they all just act like dominoes. But I want to be like you and finish before I go onto something new. Pretty blanket colors as well.

  4. Love this blanket Mary, where can I find the pattern. There are lots of ripple patterns out there but I like yours more.

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