I have so many wonderful memories of working on quilts with Mom and I was thinking about one we were both supposed to make several years ago using bright flying geese … as usual Mom’s got made and mine didn’t. The layout is different than the one I’m making now but I’m still going to claim a finish when it’s done. This was Mom’s quilt.

I also came across this photo of Mom when I was searching for the quilt. I just love all the projects we’ve worked on together over the years and happy we still work on things together.

I cut out several Quick Strippies for her last year when we got back from our Lancaster trip and she just finished up this one.

I’ve also got one of her tops that I brought back in December to quilt for her … I’ll have to warm up a bit on a couple of my quilts but I’ll get that one done once I crank the longarm back up.

My blocks are all made and I’ll start sashing them tomorrow.


  1. I love when you post stories of your Mother and show pictures. It brings back fond memories of my mother. Enjoy every get together.

  2. You’re so lucky to still have your sew with. Some of my happiest memories are watching Sunday afternoon football (I hadn’t discovered hockey yet), sewing with my mother. Treasure your time with your dear mother. Enjoy it to the fullest!

  3. I was happy to see this post about your mom. Following along on your sewing adventures with her is just a treat.

  4. Hi Mary! I have to chime and agree with your other commenters. I love when you share pictures of your mom, and how the two of you are sewing together. {{Hugs}} ~smile~` Roseanne

  5. Yes, you are sew lucky to still have Mom in your life. Mine died when I was 20. She never got to meet my precious hubby. I’ve had the joy of teaching him how to use the sewing machine after he retired. He has finished 2 quilts now.

  6. You have cultivated a wonderful way to keep the bond between you and your mom strong, even if you have to live far from each other.

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