The Dragonflies and Diamonds top is assembled.

I’m still digging in that scrap bin … cutting bigger squares this time. I saw a larger version of my Lattice quilt on Pinterest and followed the link to this tutorial on YouTube. I’m making my blocks smaller … cutting my squares at 9.5 inches and I’m squaring them up to 8.5 inches after cutting and sewing the blocks.

I also managed to get out for a walk – just 1.5 miles but that’s longer than I’ve been able to manage up to this point so I’ll take it!


  1. So very pleased to hear you progressing so well after your op! Also amazed by the amount of sewing, knitting, crochet you have achieved.

  2. Your stamina must be improving – for both sewing and walking. That’s good to see. I think I have that same dragonfly fabric, or one very similar. It doesn’t have a plan yet, but I’m considering one of the 3-yard patterns that will keep the pieces fairly large. The diamonds look really good, and so does that square with the diagonal through it. Good choices.

  3. Absolutely adore both quilts. So glad you are feeling up to walking a mile and a half. Not every day will be the same but I am hoping for more and longer walks in you future.

  4. Love the colors in both of the quilts and now I want to make a lattice quilt. Great to hear you’re out walking- and 1.5 miles is better than no miles. What a beautiful place to walk as well.

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