1. She is a really special young lady, for sure! Congratulations Rae, and thank you for caring. Congratulations to her parents (and grandparents) for nurturing a love for animals and the motorists who also could be injured. Well done Rae.

  2. That is a future leader — not afraid to take initiative and make things happen. We are all proud of her.

  3. It’s so exciting to see a young person taking constructive action on a problem. They are our leaders of tomorrow. So glad that one will be Rae!

  4. Years ago when we lived in Indiana we had small horns added to the front of our car to avoid hitting a deer. The horns put out a noise maybe a frequency we couldn’t hear but the deer could warning them to stay away from the road as we drove by. They must have worked because while driving dark country roads we never hit a deer. Don’t know if they still are available but something newer might be. Worth checking out.

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