I wasn’t sure I was going to like this one as I was working on it but I’m happy with how it turned out. Pattern is for sale on Ravelry. It’s one I’ve made a number of times over the years with different weight yarns and have always been pleased with how they turn out.

However, I’m never completely happy with the photos I take of these scarves/shawls so I’ll post this one too. It looks shawl like in the photo above but it would make a nice warm scarf too! It’s already in the bin with the others waiting for donation.

Tax prep is also done and just waiting for Keith’s signature. This is not something you see often in my office … it won’t take long for the paperwork to pile up again. Every year I say I’m going to keep up with filing and shredding but it never happens.

I’ve started another scarf to take along on my trip and all that’s left for tomorrow is packing and my mammogram.

Finn is so funny, if I don’t feed him exactly at 5pm he goes and watches out the window to see if Keith is coming … Keith is his favorite person at mealtimes and he’ll be very happy when Keith gets home tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Finn is lucky to have windows low enough for him to see out. Ours are about 2′ off the floor in the “public” side of our house, and 4″ up in the bedroom side. Our little guy has to be up on furniture to see out at all, and our big girl can only see out of the lower windows. I know it’s frustrating for them both.

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