The binding is done on the Strips and Strings Rail Fence quilt. It’s #1 in my quilting marathon and the plan is to get #2 loaded and quilted tomorrow.

I didn’t get as much done as planned today because I had to take Finn to the vet for his annual checkup and vaccines and he didn’t feel so well afterwards. Poor thing, he was not happy about getting back in the car to go there after just going to grooming yesterday! I’m sure he’ll feel better by tomorrow but he needed some extra cuddle time today.


  1. poor baby. Do tell your vet about his symptoms. One of my kitties has trouble with those shots, so the vet now gives the two shots on separate days. ALSO – and best – the vet reported it to the drug maker, and they covered the cost of the vaccines that year !!! Also, you mentioned something the other day – ask your vet about giving him Gabapentin (yep, the human drug). It is a calming agent, not a sedative. Our kitties took it when we moved from CA to NC – they were just calm, cool cats all the way across the country. Vets prescribe it very willingly. Sweet baby.

  2. Poor Finn. Just like when humans get shots (shingles, etc.) – some achy symptoms follow. Glad he could get some extra snuggles afterward. Your rail fence quilt looks great.

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