There’s a 5 hour time change between Maui and Big Canoe and while I didn’t seem to notice it while I was out there, I can tell it’s going to take a few days to readjust. I woke up after sleeping just a few hours tonight and couldn’t get back to sleep so I went down and loaded and quilted the Strips and Strings Rail Fence top. Pantograph is Dollop. Now I’m going to try and get some more sleep!

This is the beginning of my quilting marathon which will go through the end of April and I’m hoping to get 15 tops quilted in that time. I’ve got a couple more trips and I don’t want to push too hard since this will be the first quilting I’ve done since my back surgery so I think 15 is a good number to aim for.


  1. The time adjustment is one of my hardest thing to do when traveling. It always bothered me more coming from the west.

  2. Welcome home! Oh the dreaded time change- it can be so difficult- even just an hour can mess with me. I shouldn’t be surprised that you’ve already quilted a quilt- it looks great-

  3. For you 15 in that time frame is doable as long as you respect your body. I know this but rarely respect mine so I guess I am hoping you will do as I say not as I do.

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