1. That will be beautiful. I love to shop for fabric, but I always buy more than I need. Fabric just calls my name.

  2. I like it this way. The border is very uplifting for the panel which in my mind is necessary. Playing to find the perfect fabric to match the concept would take me 2 days and 5 fabric shops. Hope this panel is for a special someone.

  3. I love the inclusion of the orange and red–it takes the panel to where it would have gone if the artist had kept going (or hadn’t limited his color palette).

    • Well, not red actually, now that I look closer. But definitely gold and orange! You know, of course, you could be instantly inundated with an endless variety of those hues if you were to only hint at a request . . .

  4. Love this !! Our 2020 Smokey Mountain sojourn didn’t happen (due to the Pandemic) so we hope to pack our little camper and get there this Spring !

  5. I love this plan. I have a panel quilt that I need to get made up while I’m at the beach. I’m also doing mine with red, orange and yellow.

  6. That border will so make the panel shine!! I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

  7. I really like this! I have this panel. Is this a pattern or did you lay it out yourself?

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