1. Oh, that is SOOO beautiful! I love the colors and the stitch too. That is just one stitch throughout the whole blanket? I know how to do a very basic crochet stitch but that’s all. Is this linen stitch something I could just figure out with a YouTube video or good book? I know how to do a basic knitting stitch, but the variety of needles, dropping and adding stitches, etc just seems awfully complicated. Lol. Maybe crocheting something like this is something I could tackle.

  2. This is going to be very pretty and warm! I used the exact same yarn to make a scarf/shawl to donate. Very soft as well.

  3. I love doing the linen stitch. I’m on my third blanket for children. Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful crochet and giving us a pattern. So far I’ve only used Red Heart yarn but eventually I’ll use some fancy yarn.

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