The Jungle Pinwheel top is quilted – pantograph is Happy Times and it’s #8 of 15.

I’m making progress toward my goal of quilting 15 by the end of April but I’ve felt like such a slug the last couple weeks … between the travel this month and all the appointments and errands I’ve had I just seem to want to sit and read, knit or crochet when I’m home.

Today, I trimmed a quilt, pieced a batting, loaded and quilted this top and now I’m going to relax and knit until it’s time to cook dinner.

Keith comes home this evening and Chris is joining us for dinner and dropping Gus off. They’re going out of town and since Gus is too young to be boarded, I agreed to watch him for a few days … Adam and the kids are coming for the weekend tomorrow too … this should be interesting!! Here’s hoping Finn and Gus can get along for an extended visit 🙂


  1. I just found your terrific blog. Are you still getting together to create Heartstring quilts in Maine?
    I am starting my first one. I would love to join you.

  2. What a sweet picture of Finn! If you haven’t already, I suggest you go ahead and be a little lazy this afternoon. You’ve certainly earned it!

  3. Lovely quilt, I used that animal fabric on he back of my DGD2 giraffe quilt and I have some over. You have given me inspiration

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