Chris brought Gus and stayed for dinner … it should be interesting having a puppy around the house for several days!! So far Finn just wants to be sitting somewhere Gus isn’t.

Before Chris and Keith got here we had another visitor … cameras picked him up just about 30 minutes before I took Finn out for his after dinner walk … we were in the front yard and our visitor was in the back but still close enough in time and distance to remind me to keep my eyes open! I showed the video to Keith and Chris when they got here and poor Chris… he took Gus out for a walk after dark and came running back into the house because he “heard something”.


  1. A lot of excitement around your place! Not so much where I live anymore. We use to have roadrunners, squirrels, rabbits, quail + many babies, robins, sparrows and other birds. I no longer have to feed the birds as sparrow hawks and other hawks have scared them off completely. Oh, and only once a snake, which fortunately, I was able to have removed to a better home after it climbed our tree and ate a baby dove. Think I like my previous animals rather than that large brown bear. At least he didn’t stop to check things out.

  2. Oh. My GOODNESS😱😱😱!! Makes my raccoons in my dirt cellar seem pretty insignificant. I’m quite sure if there were bears in my neck of the city, they would be visiting here. Stay aware and stay safe. Maybe you should start carrying bear repellant when you are out and about with Finn🧐🧐? By the way, I’m in Lincoln, NE, not in the middle of a rural area. It’s quite urban, but I regularly see fox, raccoons, opossums, rabbits, squirrels, hawks, owls and more species of birds than I can remember. And MOST of those critters have been spotted in my fenced yard😳😳!!

  3. Aren’t you glad you have the camera so you are aware of what’s out there?! Oh my. It will be interesting to hear how Finn and Gus get along. I think as long as Gus respects Finn as being the boss/host/master/elder/owner-of-everything, all will be fine.

  4. Your puppy visitor is really sweet .The bear, well, we have them regularly, black bears that is. Typically if I want to have Levi out at dark, i turn the outside lights on for a couple of minutes before we go out, and the bears leave quickly. Certainly be safe. This time of year in our area the bears are looking for easy food, so garbage is a big attraction.

  5. WOW!! That’s an impressive size bear and one that you will certainly need to keep looking for. Enjoy the outdoors with caution.

  6. That bear would freak me out too! Yikes! That is a very cute pup, and hopefully he and Finn get along OK. Enjoy the family time this weekend!

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