Heading home

We woke up this morning to find out our flight had been canceled and we’d been rerouted through NY arriving home later than expected. Luckily, I always carry my activity bag with my iPad, Kindle, and knitting so I have plenty to occupy myself. Unfortunately, Finn will spend another night boarding but I’ll run out to get him in the morning.

This pretty blue/green yarn will become another Be Simple Variation scarf … free pattern found on Ravelry at this link


  1. Have you ever had your knitting needles taken away by security? I’m terrified to take my knitting on a plane. Needles I can replace, but not the knitting I have done!

  2. I was wondering also and surprised that you are allowed to bring knitting needles on the plane!

  3. Ugh the dreaded canceled flight. But it all worked out and life is good. Does Keith read or listen to podcasts when delays happen? Maybe he is like a cousin who walks between flights. Sometimes he gets 5 miles in the airport.

  4. I was thinking that about knitting in flight too. I have never tried it because it is hard to get even nail scissors through the security check.

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