It’s not like I don’t have way more projects on my list than I can get around to but lately I’ve been looking at some simple bear patterns to use up leftover Cuddle fabric from quilt backs. I use some of the leftovers on doll quilt backs but there’s still a bin with leftovers just waiting to be used.

I kind of made a mistake today when I was talking to Mo about wanting to learn to make a bear … before I knew it, she’d chosen a piece of red Cuddle fabric and was insisting we give it a try.

I told her we wouldn’t be able to finish it during this trip but that we could get it started and we chose a simple hand sewn pattern from this book.

We printed the bear pattern and traced it on template plastic. Mo helped me pin the Cuddle fabric so I could trace and cut the pieces.

All ready to hand sew … she had a bit of trouble understanding why hand sewing wasn’t as fast as sewing with the machine.

I also told her that Gram didn’t have the stuffing we needed or any black felt for the eyes and nose and we’d have to wait to get that.

I worked on hand stitching the bear in between our other activities today and finished the body of the bear after she went to bed. I still need to stuff it, sew the ears, and either sew felt or embroider the face… no telling how that will turn out!

She also wants the bear to have a flowered neck scarf like the one in the book …

I’ve also seen an even simpler free pattern that is sewn by machine and I might give that one a try too. The instructions are free at this link but you have to sign up for her newsletter to get the bear outline.


  1. I’m curious why you had to hand sew this bear because it looks like an easy sew. Now we need the ‘rest of the story’.

  2. What a cute and fun little project! I agree with Mo – that bear needs a kerchief.

  3. What a cool project, can see several neck kerchieves to accessorise/co-ordinate with her clothes 🙂

  4. What a good grandma to start a new project with your sweetie. I’m tempted by any stuffed animal project though I don’t have fabric other than cotton… What will Mo’s reaction be when her bear is finished?

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