Another busy day!

This morning we went back down to the sewing room and made a Minnie Mouse placemat for Mo.

Then we had lunch out with Pop, did a couple short hikes, and played on the playground a while to burn off some excess energy!

You can see the bears around here inspired the desire to try and make another bear today. We have to get some stuffing tomorrow when I take her home and I’m not sure how these guys will look after I put their faces on but we’ll see!


  1. It sounds like you’re having a great time with Mo! I have adored her since she was a tiny tot….those sparkling eyes and impish grin are irresistible! You are making wonderful memories with all your grandchildren!

  2. That placemats is darling! I love that fabric! And I can’t wait to see your bear all finished!

  3. Mo has the sweetest little face, and it sounds like she has a personality to match.
    There’s nothing like special time with the grandkids and you are making so many special memories with her. Love the placemat, and it looks like she does too. Enjoy!

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