I made good progress on my Strips and Strings Log Cabin blocks today so I sat down with my knitting tonight after Keith and Finn went to bed. After not touching this scarf on my trip (very unusual for me as I always travel with a knitting project), I’m making some progress.

I wasn’t sure how this variegated yarn would work but I’m loving the combination of the yarn and pattern. The Waves of Blue scarf is one that I make over and over. It was free when I first found it but now it’s for sale on Ravelry. It would still be a good deal for me as many times as I use the pattern.

I’ve shared before with my crochet blankets that I tend to make a handful of patterns over and over and I’m the same with my scarf knitting. It’s not that I don’t look for new patterns and occasionally add one into my rotation, it’s that I like simple patterns that turn out nicely for my crochet and knitting.


  1. I like the color combination too, it’s quite pretty. I also use the same pattern many times but in my case, it’s because I’m not a good knitter and I just recently started crocheting again after a break of 25+ years. It’s like starting again as a newcomer. A simple pattern is very relaxing while watching a show on AcornTV.

  2. What a beautiful scarf it will be. Pattern has movement and the yarn is lovely. What yarn is it?
    I like to knit in the evening too. I find it easy on my eyes and more relaxing after a full day.

  3. What size strips do you for your scrapy log cabin blocks? I just love them. Thanks

  4. I’ve just rediscovered your website. I followed you for years, and I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t get your emails for some reason. Now, I get to settle down again with your blog and read through all I’ve missed. This is like meeting an old friend and catching up.

    Sure hope Finn is feeling better.

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