Summer camp?

Running a summer camp is hard work but it’s great spending time with the girls!! Today was the last full day of our visit and I’ll drive them home tomorrow morning.

So many different activities … and we even finished Bear #1 … I probably won’t use this pattern again but Mo and I named this one “Mae” (her middle name) and I finally finished her … she was my first attempt but I like making the other (simple) bears the best.

I think Rae is a little jealous that Mo has two bears and has requested a sibling for Blueberry… Mo is very happy with both of her bears! And yes, that is a Quick Strippie … all 4 of my grandchildren got one for their first quilt..


  1. The little bears are so cute, but it does look like the second version is a bit more detailed. Unbelievable- I am currently working on a strippie with those flamingos! What are the chances???

  2. The bears are really sweet! I finished one strippie last month, and 2 more kits cut out.

  3. I can just hear the joy radiating from this post and the ones the past few days. I can tell you love having them around. You may be tired after they go home, but it will be a good kind of tired.

  4. Yeah, Mary, I can believe it’s been a lot doing a day camp. But we sure have enjoyed seeing it unfold. And we’re looking forward to seeing a sibling bear for Rae!

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