The 16 patch top is quilted. Pantograph is Jilly and it’s #2 quilted for July.

You might get tired of seeing my counts but it helps keep me on track to hit my goal of quilting 3 each week through the end of August.


  1. I love seeing your counts! It keeps me motivated to get going on my projects. Not a competition kind of thing, more a reminder of what is possible! My goal every year is to finish 50 quilts a year, about one a week. I have been able to do that for years (even before I retired). But this year there have been so many distractions (Covid, visits to my daughter’s and parents’, etc) that I am woefully behind. At this point I should have 27 done but I only have ten done. Oops! Gonna need a very, very productive month to get caught up!

  2. Mary, I love reading and seeing photos of your achievements each day. I get ideas from the quilts that you have made and motivation to make more of my own. I love the simplicity of your quilts, your designs let the beauty of the fabric you use shine through. I have also downloaded your teddy bear patterns that you recommended in a previous post and I intend using left over cotton and knit fabric to make and donate some teddy bears. Maybe even make patchwork bears, who knows. I have purchased a teddy bear face in 2″, 3″ and 4″ sizes that I can machine embroider onto the teddy bears and I will maybe look for a heart that I can embroider onto the bears before stuffing and sewing them together.

  3. I love seeing your quilts and never grow tired of them. You inspire me to do better when making charity quilts. Your patterns are simple and easy without looking that way. Keep posting, you’re helping me, and my charity groups.

  4. I’m with everyone else.Keep posting and counting your quilts. I love seeing the different quilts and fabric combinations. So inspiring!

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