#3 and #4 Quilted

#3 was this top sent to me by Linda to quilt and donate. Pantograph is Steam.

#4 was this Autumn Squares Bear quilt. Some of these small quilts get hand quilted, some are quilted on my regular sewing machine and sometimes when the stars align … extra backing fabric that works with the top, same thread color, and in this case even enough batting … they’re quilted on the longarm.

The pantograph is also Steam but it was downsized to suit the smaller quilt. Resizing pantographs is one thing I love about my Pantovision on the Innova. My machine isn’t a computer driven longarm – I do all the quilting myself but my pantographs are digital patterns that can be resized and quilted from the front of the machine.

This one is already trimmed and the binding is on – waiting for me to hand stitch it down tonight.


  1. I really like the light and dark around those 16-patch blocks. Really striking!

  2. Fabulous job, as always! “Steam” is one of my very favorite pantos! So versatile. I use it in both directions

  3. I have to say how much I really like the Autumn Squares quilt. It could be made in a number of different fabrics and they would all turn out great.

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