I enjoyed several hours today at the library. Since leaving Minneapolis my genealogy research has been kind of hit or miss so I’m looking forward to seeing if I can find any new information as I put together a summary of Mom’s family history.

One of the things I reviewed were my DNA results. Finding the immigrant ancestors on Dad’s side of the family was easy, his parents both emigrated from Ireland. Mom’s family has lived in North Carolina for generations and I haven’t found who or where they emigrated from but my DNA results tell me where I come from.


  1. Look for a FamilySearch Center in your area. There are volunteers there who can help you find the info you are looking for with Many programs that are free.

  2. The detailed ethnicity sheet seems very interesting. A lot like mine but as I have found out the little numbers seem to really tell the most. My daughter tried to point out a few things once but my care factor wasn’t high enough. Hope you can track your mother’s family a few more generations.

  3. That 1% from the Congo is very interesting. I know my mothers family were from England and my dads were from Austria-Hungary. I’ve never had my DNA taken and I doubt I will.

  4. I started doing a family history but after fnding out I have a cousin nobody else knows about I stopped. My uncle, the father of the girl, knows about her as she told me she has made contact, but none of his kids know. I’m too afraid to move forward at this time. My uncle has the signs of dementia so he will forget about having another child, I don’t know if I can though.

  5. my mom and bro both had DNA done and were quite surprised to find high percentages of scandinavian…we knew we were english/irish/welsh and interestingly, my brother’s report made a connection to mitochondrial eve…

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