#11 Quilted

The last one of Mom’s Christmas wallhangings is quilted. It’s #11 for July and the pantograph is Happy Times. Both her quilts and my Aunt’s quilt are boxed up and ready to ship tomorrow and since I have to drive into town to ship them, I’m going to use tomorrow as my library day.

I also pieced a batting today … I use batting from rolls and as you can imagine, the leftovers are piling up quickly. I’d pieced one last week that had puckers in it which very unusual for me but it was the first time I’d used the new machine to zigzag one together and so today I pulled out the manual so I could figure out how to decrease the pressure on the presser foot … and that worked. I got a nice pieced batting without any puckers! Now I just need to piece more leftovers together.


  1. Hi Mary,
    Ive never pieced batting, but would like to try. Can you be share some tips? Can multiple pieces be pieced?

  2. I buy my batting in rolls too and I have 2 extra large trash size bags full of batting. I absolutely hate putting them together because I have sewed them horribly. I guess I’ll try again!

  3. Getting tension right for batting sewing doesn’t ever work for me. I have two different types of batting so I have written tension numbers for each but they are good but one puckers more than I like. The other costs a lot more and is the one I use most, the first roll is almost gone and I don’t for see buying Pellon batting again.

  4. Mine don’t pucker now that I lay them flat on the table and put a line across the join every four inches or so. As long I make sure that the marks continue to line up then the piece stays flat.

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