It’s a challenge

I was disappointed today because I’d hoped to be able to join some of the 24 block group quilts together into larger 48 block quilts but I just couldn’t make it work. The center strings are going every which way and so I need to just continue to add borders to bring them up to a size better suited for where they’ll be donated. I’d already added borders to 5 of them and there were 5 more.

I don’t make that many 24 block HeartStrings quilts myself but when I do, I always add a border but I start with the border and try to pull and use the strips and strings that will work best. Here’s one of mine from a number of years ago.

I also try to use bright cheery fabrics for the smaller quilts since most will end up with kids. Here’s another one of mine from years ago.

So, I’ll admit it’s been a challenge to find borders that work well with these group tops and I’m liking the results of some better than others but all of the finished quilts will provide some warmth and comfort to those in need.

After digging up some border fabrics today … I got them sewn on two of the group quilts. They’ve got backings pieced and bindings cut and are ready to be quilted.

This one got a space border.

And this one got stars.

Just 3 more to add borders to … and there are two more 48 block group quilts in this batch so you’ll be seeing all these again as I finish them up in the coming weeks.


  1. I might have some border fabric that I could donate to you if you send me some ideas of what you need.

  2. They are looking really good, your border fabrics did the trick. Children are going to love them.

  3. You put heart and soul into finishing these, Mary! These two with the borders added look great and very cheerful.

  4. You have a real knack for choosing exactly the right border fabrics to put the focus on the quilt it frames…those quilts are going to be loved by the recipients.

  5. I think you’ve done very well choosing border prints for these quilts. They will be loved to pieces by some kiddos who end up with them.

  6. All of your hard work and fabric coordination is worth it, Mary. These quilts look great and some child will love them. Thanks for all you do to make these quilts special!

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