#12 quilted

This is another of the HeartStrings 24 block tops that I’ve added a border to and it’s now quilted – #12 for July. The pantograph is a new one Flipty Feather Fans and while I didn’t get a great photo of the quilting, I do like this one and will be using it again.

Tomorrow I’ll load and quilt another one. My goal for July was to quilt 12 so I’ve hit that but with luck I’ll get 2 more quilted this month. The girls are going to visit me a few days next week and I want to get a little ahead.

My goal will be to quilt at least 12 more before the end of August which should be very doable and adding in the 9 quilted in June I hope to have at least 33 quilted this summer. I know those aren’t huge numbers but for me to do the other things around here … travel, time with family, piecing, knitting, and crochet, my library days – quilting and binding 3 per week is a manageable number that still allows me time for those other things.


  1. I think just about anyone would think those are huge numbers! Congratulations on achieving and surpassing your goal. You are a definite inspiration.

  2. I am so happy that you have demands on your time other than just quilting. Your time is wonderfully filled but you continue to make huge contributions of time and love.

  3. Did you really write that that having 33 quilted this summer isn’t a huge number? Mary, I think the heat has gone to your head! I haven’t quilted 33 quilts in 5 years. Go lie down and rest Mary. (I hope you take this with humor 😊).

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