A new blanket

I’m being bad tonight – I finished knitting my scarf last night and finished the crochet shell blanket on Sunday EXCEPT for weaving all the ends in. I should be doing that tonight but I’m allowing myself to get the next blanket started and I will get those ends woven in some time this week.

The pattern is Rumpled Ripple and it’s found free on Ravelry. This is the second time I’m making it and I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite ripple now. It works up well in the Lion Brand Mandala yarn.

This was the one I finished in April, aren’t those colors gorgeous?

It takes a little more concentration to get started and you do have to pay special attention to the decreases and increases at first but I found that after just a few rows, I’d slipped right back into a groove stitching and listening to my audiobook without any problems.


  1. You are amazing. I picked up my knitting class notes and figured out the process but each stitch is an effort. Not fun. Please continue to make your beautiful quilts.

  2. Beautiful work Mary, could you tell me which Mandala you are using on this blanket? Can’t seem to identify it in either #3 or #4 and I love the colors. Thank you…..Gloria

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